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SolarBridge installs Clean Energy Council approved solar panels, inverter and battery

August 05, 2022

Individuals have a lot of concerns and misconceptions regarding the solar system as solar panels become increasingly widespread. The concern whether solar panels produce noise is frequently posed. We believe every concern you have regarding your solar PV system is genuine and of course, it is necessary to have queries if you are considering investing in solar energy.

If you’re wondering whether solar panels produce noise, the quick answer is no. Solar panels often don’t produce any noise. Even solar panels with any moving parts are designed to be extremely silent when in use. May it be day or night, you might not hear noise from your solar panels.

However, solar panels might not be completely silent. The gentle hum that solar panels occasionally create while being energized by the sun rays during the day is something really common and an exception to the rule that solar panels operate without making any noise. You probably might not notice the hum, though, unless you were very near your solar panel system (radius of around 40 feet).

Reasons for solar panels noise and how to fix it?

Quality of solar panels installed

Clean Energy Council (CEC) recommends installing CEC approved Tier 1 solar panels on the property. A quality solar panel installation does not lead to noises and other concerns. If non approved panels are installed, expect more than just the noise problems from your solar PV system. When the solar panels installation is happening up there on your roof, make sure to be at the property and ask the installer about the noises and other concerns associated with the solar power system. Install premium quality Tier 1 solar panels through Solar Bridge. learn more about quality solar panels installation from our experts. Get in touch with us now!

Inverter location

Since inverters are the solar system components that fail the most frequently over their lifespan and are necessary for using the electricity produced by the panels, it is crucial to pick the type of inverter that best meets your home’s demands. Moreover, it is important to place the inverter at an appropriate location. If the solar inverter is exposed to direct sunlight, to maintain its efficiency the inverter fans may be turned on. This might produce some noise. However, it is recommended to not install the solar inverter in direct sunlight and place it at a place to protect it from extreme weather conditions as well. 

Problematic racking

There is a probability that the noise you’re hearing may have been caused by your installer’s poor work when fastening the racking to the rafter during installation.

The noise may have been caused by your installer’s poor work when screwing the racking during installation. On windy days, if the racking is loose, you could hear a lot of clicking and metallic noises as it vibrates. You may want to get in touch with your solar installer again to get the screws tightened well. 

Loose wiring

There is a lot of wiring work involved during solar panel installation. The wiring may extend from between the panels on the roof to the inverter connected in the garage. The wires are supposed to be properly fixed and tightened with the clips so that they do not move and generate noise. Fixing the loose wiring is not a complicated task and does not consume much time. Speak to your solar retailer and get those loose wirings fixed.

Solar Battery noise

A lot of individuals looking at installing a solar battery to their existing solar system or getting a battery ready solar system are concerned about the noise solar batteries might make. Practically, there are no theories or complaints to support this statement. If the sound coming from a solar battery is stopping you from getting one, you might need to rethink the decision you made. Solar Bridge offers CEC approved solar batteries to save you more money and reduce your reliance on the grid. Speak to our solar specialists to learn more. 


In conclusion, your solar modules ought to be running practically quietly, with the possible exception of a slight buzzing noise from your solar inverter or noise produced by wind. In case you are unsure about the sounds associated with your solar PV system, get it checked from a professional to avoid any uncertain situations. 

If you are looking at beginning your solar journey but the concerns related to your solar PV system are stopping you from making a decision, you have reached the right place. Get in touch with one of the Solar Bridge’s solar experts and learn more about the solar installation at your property.