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Solar Panel Maintenance – Important Things You Should Know. 

September 29, 2022

Maintaining a solar PV system should not be a really tough task as they do not require much upkeep, if installed properly. However, we have listed down a few important maintenance tips below in order to keep your solar power system functioning well. 

Firstly, how do you know your solar panels are not functioning? Did you observe a recent increase in your electricity bills? Is your inverter showing red or orange light? Are your panels now covered with shade? Well, these could be some of the common reasons for your solar power system to not function.

However, you might as well be on the other side of this scenario. Your solar panels might be functioning perfectly well. It is still advised to get your solar PV system checked once in 5 years by a licensed electrician.

Once hooked on the roof, solar panels are considered as an investment for the next 25 years or more as they provide clean and cheap energy. 

How to monitor solar panels?

Most of the solar PV system packages now offer smart Wi-Fi inverter, which enables you to track the performance of your solar panels through smart devices like mobile, tablets etc. Once you connect your inverter with your device, you can check how much energy is being produced every day, every week and every year. If your system is consistently producing lower outputs, there could be some problem with it. Observe the pattern of energy production and how and when it started lowering, once you get the data, you can get it checked for fixing it.

Do I need to clean my solar panels often?

Australia receives enough rainfall annually to keep the panels on your roof clean, however, you can only take advantage of it if the solar modules are installed at a correct tilt on the roof. If you reside in a location where dust, debris and bird droppings are really common, you may want to consider cleaning your solar panels twice a year to keep your solar panels functioning efficiently. However, if you are confident about your roof not receiving enough rainfall, you may want to consider cleaning solar panels 4-5 times a year. It is advisable just to clean them with water and in most of the cases it would be done before you even realize it. At times this also depends on the accessibility of your roof. It is advisable to call an expert in cases wherein the panels are out of reach. 

Do I repair or replace my old solar panel system?

This is one of the most common questions related to solar panels. Should I keep my existing solar system in place? Do I replace my old inverter? Is it worth getting a new solar PV system? To get the answers to all of this, you need to first ask yourself is your existing system working fine? And is it helping you save money on your electricity bills? If the answer to both the questions is yes, you do not need to change a thing with your solar PV system. 

As you monitor your system, you might know if the inverter is functioning or not, if the old inverter isn’t functioning properly, it is advised to appoint an expert to check your system. They shall let you know if the inverter needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Are the number of panels previously installed on your roof able to meet your electricity needs? If yes, you made a great solar investment in the past. If not, you may want to consider adding panels or a new system to your roof.

As we say it will always be worth getting a solar power system in Australia as it is among the sunniest countries across the globe and has a perfect climate for solar modules. Delaying a solar decision always turns out to be costly for most of us, the money you are spending on your electricity bills can be saved to pay off for a solar PV system. And these days, with flexible finance options available, the amount of money you save on your power bills is almost the amount that you pay to the finance company.

So are solar panels difficult to maintain?

Overall, it’s not too difficult to maintain your solar panels. Your solar modules shall function well if you quickly clean any accumulated dust or debris and keep track of its performance. Make sure the panels you invest in, have a solid warranty as well so that if there is any damage, they can be replaced or repaired. 

If you follow those instructions, your solar panels should keep producing clean, renewable energy at their highest possible efficiency for many years. With Solar Bridge , find out more about putting solar panels on your roof.