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Hidden Solar Install costs you must know – A Consumers’ guide by Solar Bridge

July 22, 2022

For many people, solar energy can be a terrific financial investment. Depending on how much electricity they use, system owners can immediately take control of a monthly bill and save hundreds or even thousands.

However, there are some recurring expenses related to solar ownership that may reduce your anticipated monthly savings. These are typical charges in addition to the installation cost that are frequently omitted by potential solar owners because they are buried deep in the fine print of many solar quotations.

Fortunately, in this article will highlight those hidden costs so you may avoid paying extra for solar panels if you weren’t going to spend money on more electricity.

So what do we mean by hidden solar panels charges?

You might receive quotations for installing solar PV systems at your property with upfront costs through solar installers in your area. It is difficult to determine the hidden costs that come with solar installation. However, it all depends on your solar installer, if they can analyze your property and its requirements prior, they can quote you the exact price, with no hidden costs. 

Solar panel installation charges

The solar quotation you receive from your solar retailer, includes the equipment, installation charges and after rebate, net price. However, there can be extra costs associated with meter upgrades that might not be part of the solar package. To avoid any extra costs of that kind, it is recommended to share your meter box picture with your solar retailer, so that they can easily advise you over the upgrade and other costs.

During the days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds and your solar system is performing less efficiently, you might have to use the power from the grid and that charges are based on the electricity retailer’s rates. Solar batteries are proving to be a better option to store the excess power generated by the solar PV system for future use. 

Solar approval fees from solar retailer

If you are considering installing a solar PV system, it is necessary to get the approval from your electricity retailer. Your energy retailer also needs to give you credits in your bills for feeding the excess power generated by your system to the grid. The cost of your solar panels does vary with the location, your energy retailer and the type of system you’re looking at installing. An experienced solar professional can make your solar journey simpler by quoting you the right solar system for your property and guiding you along the way.

What about solar system cleaning and maintenance?

It is important to keep your panels clean of any dust, debris and bird droppings so that they perform efficiently. Thanks to Australian weather, rains in Australia are enough to maintain the cleanliness of your solar panels. However, it also depends on the location you reside in. If you live in an area where your property is exposed to a lot of dust and sand storms, you might need to organize professional solar cleaning once every 6 months. 

Solar panels are usually low maintenance and do not call for much expense after installation. However, it is advised to get your solar PV system checked once in 5 years to make sure it is working fine. Warranties offered on the solar system play a huge role in the maintenance of the solar power system. So, the rule of thumb is, always look into the warranties of the solar products being offered to you.

Online monitoring costs

Solar energy technology has improved and advanced over the years making them more efficient and reliable. 10 years ago, it wouldn’t be possible to monitor your solar system through some device, however, with the latest technologies in the market, you can get a smart Wi-Fi inverter that helps you monitor your solar system easily from anywhere and anytime. Most solar retailers include this smart inverter and online functioning as a part of the solar package so you might not need to pay extra for it. 

Get best value solar panels system – Solar Bridge

We tried to talk about most of the hidden charges associated with solar installation above. Hiring an experienced solar installer who can advise the right size and brand of solar panels for your property with $0 upfront or minimum cost is advisable. Solar Bridge is a leading solar provider in Australia, offering renewable energy solutions across the country. Our experts study your electricity bills, examine your property specifications and offer you the latest technology solar products with easy payment options.