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What are The Three Major Problems with Solar Energy? Learn More. 

October 06, 2022

Sun is the reason for all the life forms on earth. The sun can meet the entire earth’s energy requirements for one year with just one hour’s worth of energy. Definitely, the sun is the powerhouse of energy, however, we only might be utilizing a small portion of it by putting up solar panels on the roof. 

While solar panels and solar energy are accepted globally, a lot of us fail to realize the benefits of solar energy, instead focusing on three major problems that we think are the disadvantages of it. Let us analyze each of them. 

Initial cost

The first and foremost concern that we have in our minds while considering switching to solar energy is the initial cost of acquiring solar panels. And why not? In times like these, when inflation rate is 6.1% and expected to rise even further, our budgets are for sure disturbed. Thus, any investment calls for a lot of thought and analysis. The initial cost of acquiring a good quality 6.6kW solar system in Brisbane ranges from $4000 to $8000, varying with the property specifications and location of the property.

The initial cost of installing solar panels usually seems like a lot if you consider it as an expenditure. However, solar is a smart investment. Have you ever wondered how much you pay for your electricity bills each year? An average household in Brisbane spends $450-$550 every quarter on their electricity bills, summing it up to $1800-$2200 annually. By just installing a 6.6kW solar system on your Brisbane property you could save up to $900-$1500 annually, covering the cost of installation approximately within 3-5 years and offering you solar electricity for 25 years. 

Solar Bridge offers a $0 Upfront Cost deal for the homeowners in Brisbane. Start saving immediately on your solar power system and start paying for it with the savings you receive on your electricity bills. Reduce the upfront cost of installing solar panels even further with Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Check your eligibility for the same with our experts at 1300999600.

Batteries are expensive

When we think of solar, we think of the sun! We know the sun does not shine in the nights and hides behind the clouds during the rainy days. This keeps us wondering about the power consumption during that time. Obviously leading us to consider solar batteries as an option to install along with the solar power system. Solar storage systems usually seem more expensive than a solar power system. A 3kWh solar battery cost in Brisbane ranges from $4000-$6000. However, the cost of batteries can be reduced if you ask and look for a complete solar solution, meaning a solar power system + solar battery deal. 

A 6.6kW solar system combined with a battery might cost around $7,000-$12,000 in Brisbane. However, the prices may vary depending on the property specifications and location. If we were to think of installing a solar storage system 5 years ago, sure it would be difficult. Now it is easier than ever and the best time to get solar batteries. The battery costs are reducing and in some areas even the government is offering solar battery rebates. 

Solar Bridge offers a customized solar panels + solar battery deal for your property at the most affordable prices. Speak to our team to learn more about battery special deals for your property.

What about my roof?

There is no place more delightful than one’s home. And we all like to keep it safe and protected to keep our family safe. Most of us are worried about the damage solar panels might do to our property. We wonder if the space on the roof is enough for solar panels installation, if the house will look good enough after the installation, or what if the house is damaged while the solar panels are being fitted. A lot of it covers our mind, making us miss out on the fact that solar panels are absolutely safe and they increase the value of the property.

Let’s be honest we all would love to buy or rent a property that comes with solar panels on the roof, reducing our electricity bills. Most of us won’t mind paying extra bucks with this added property feature. 

Solar Bridge is an experienced solar installer in Brisbane and offers quality solar installation for your property with Tier 1 solar products and reliable customer service. Our CEC Accredited Solar Installers would take a look at the roof first and advise you on the install process. They would never risk your property and ensure that there is no damage post install. Get in touch with us today to get your bills analyzed and receive an obligation free quote