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Does solar energy produce pollution? Switch on the sun with Solar Bridge

August 15, 2022

Is solar energy actually emission-free and renewable? How substantially has it expanded in recent years? In a contemporary society which is dedicated to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and minimising the usage of fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy seems to be the solution. Solar energy, solar systems, solar panels, and everything related to solar are what goes on in one’s mind when considering alternative sources of energy. As the use of solar energy is expanding, it has encountered some opposition and misperceptions about its effects on the environment. One of the most common misconceptions being how good solar panels for the environment are?

Air pollution reduction

Our health and wellbeing can be aided or hindered by the air we breathe. Some of the common hazardous gases are carbon dioxide and methane. They are emitted during the production of electricity through fossil fuels. Thus, making the air we breathe harmful. Prolonged exposure to poor air quality can have a serious negative impact on our wellbeing. Some common types of cancers and asthma, bronchitis, anxiety and allergies have all been associated with the air pollution. As we produce a greater percentage of our energy from solar sources, we produce fewer and fewer greenhouse emissions from burning fossil fuels. No hazardous pollutants are produced when electricity is generated by solar panels, and as more residences and commercials switch to solar energy, there are fewer hazardous pollutants from fossil fuels released into the atmosphere.

Less water being used

One of the most valuable natural assets is water. Australia is a nation that is in danger of having a water catastrophe. Every year, thousands of litres of water might be used in the traditional production of energy. A considerable portion of the world’s electricity is produced by hydroelectric power. However, there is no water used at all when power is generated by solar panels. Solar photovoltaic cells may produce energy without using any water, which relieves pressure on this limited resource. Considering the cleaning of solar panels when they are dirty, natural rainwater is sufficient to clean them.

Lowering carbon footprints

Among the cleanest forms of energy available, solar energy is a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to power your home. Solar panels produce electricity without using any water or emitting any dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere, and top of all, its power source is plentiful and cost-free. By installing solar panels on the roof you reduce your reliance on the grid. This reduces the demand for energy that emits carbon dioxide to be generated for the grid on your behalf. If you are considering investing in solar PV systems or already have, congratulations! You have contributed your bit to help Australia achieve its renewable energy target. 


Solar energy safeguards you from ever rising energy costs and thus providing more financial freedom in the times of energy crisis. Solar PV panels are pretty low maintenance. Solar is an investment that pays back in the long run. Consider installing only Tier 1 CEC approved solar panels and CEC approved inverters for better performance and durability. Solar panels can last up to 25-30 years or more depending on the external factors and quality of brands installed. Get in contact with our experts at Solar Bridge right away to learn more about how solar energy could help you.