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    10.3kw Solar System

    Our 10.3KW solar power system is one of our most popular packages, offering fantastic value for money. The 10.3KW solar solution is an ideal choice for larger family homes, offices, and small commercial operations. Many businesses find that a 10.3KW is the perfect middle ground between a 6.6KW residential and 30KW commercial solar power system.

    Solar PanelsTier 1 Panels – 10.3kW System

    • Tier 1 solar module
    • Reputed solar brand
    • High efficiency solar module
    • 25 years of panel linear output warranty
    • Local Australian support

    Solar Inverter1 x 8kW Solar Inverter

    • High Efficiency
    • Proven track record
    • Online monitoring (optional)

    Panel Mounting GearPanel Mounting Kit

    • Available in tin, tile and clip lock
    • Fully anodised and corrosion-resistant
    • Light weight
    • Easy to install

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