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Which direction should your solar panels face in Australia?

February 17, 2022

Solar panels are generally installed on rooftops, top of the buildings or mounted on the ground. It is essential to install your solar panels where they receive enough sunlight exposure which makes them generate a good amount of power. Solar power systems are a smart investment and return can be achieved faster and better if they are installed correctly. However, most of us aren’t aware that the positioning of the solar panels is important. Let us understand some directions and angles where panels can be installed.

The five continents located in the Southern Hemisphere are Antarctica, Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. However, of these continents, only Australia and Antarctica are completely within the Southern Hemisphere. Thus, the north is certainly considered as the best direction to install solar panels. While north east and north west are equally good directions to install panels. It is generally advised to use two directions to install panels to take the maximum benefit of sun energy throughout the day. Most people are not privileged enough to decide what direction they can put the panels as that is determined by the roof itself. Speak to one of our SolarBridge consultants to get your roof assessment done today and receive an obligation free solar quote.

Further, we shall talk about the 4 types of roof that are not feasible for solar panel installation. This shall help you understand if your property is good enough for solar installation.

South facing roof

For the solar panels to generate power they should ideally be facing north, north east or north west. A south facing roof can definitely install solar panels, however, the production shall be less compared to other directions. If your roof is facing south, the panels need to be installed with a tilt to make sure there is sun shining on them. it can be really complicated for you to understand your roof design. Share the location and your property layout with our solar experts and get your free free roof analysis done today to see if your roof is feasible for solar installation.

Very less roof space

If your roof doesn’t have enough space to get your solar panels installed, then it can be a bit  difficult to get it done. With the advance in technology it has become easy to install solar on even small roofs as high watt panels are now available in the market.  However, if your roof has too little space, you shall consider talking to our solar experts before installing solar modules on your roof. 

A largely shaded roof

if your roof receives a lot of shade from the trees or the neighboring roofs, then solar panels might not be a good option for you. Sure, with the advancement in technology there are solar pv systems developed that can function well with minor shading issues. However, if your roof is largely shaded then you might first have to consider solving the shading issue. 

 Too shallow or too steep roof

There are certain degrees to which solar can be installed to receive the maximum output. A too shallow or too steep roof is not feasible for a solar pv system. However, the degrees of solar installation are different for different roofs. This is quite a technical task and can be best performed by a solar expert. Get in touch with our friendly team at solarbridge to get your free free roof layout and see if your roof is fit for solar.

Every roof is different and thus needs to be treated differently. With every roof comes different complications and technicalities. Check your property’s suitability for solar panels with SolarBridge consultant to see whether you can benefit from renewable energy sources for your home.