February 24, 2022

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and Australia’s solar radiation is the highest in the world. Australia certainly has a huge appetite for solar power. The residential and commercial properties across Australia are installing solar panels to take advantage of the solar energy. Solar panels are the easiest and reliable renewable energy source to convert sunlight into electricity. Electricity is the most essential part of modern lives and is important to each and every one of us. We use electricity for a number of things like lightning, heating, cooling and the list goes on and on. Solar energy is the leading source of electricity not only across Australia but across the globe. In Australia, the state and federal rebates make it highly economical to install solar at the property. However, if you are in Sydney and are considering installing solar panels there may be several questions related to rebates costs and products that might cross your mind. Let us answer it all for you here. However, if you would not like to read much feel free to contact our team at SolarBridge to get all your questions answered over a quick phone call. 

Are solar panels worth it in Sydney?

Sydney receives a fair amount of sunlight throughout the year to generate enough power to meet one’s electricity consumption. The solar panels in Sydney are comparatively available at a cheaper rate than any other place in Australia, which means the system shall pay for itself faster and the ROI is going to be higher. The energy costs in Sydney are constantly increasing and installing solar can be one of the smartest investments you make right now as the prices of solar are set to increase to new heights in 2022. 

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Sydney?

The cost of the solar panels installation at your property in Brisbane depends on various factors such as location of the property, the type of roof, property phase, and height of the property, roof size and most importantly the quality and kind of solar products you choose to install. However, It costs somewhere between $3000 – $6000 to install solar panels in Sydney. 

How many households have solar in NSW?

Around 30% households have solar power systems installed at their property in New South Wales. New South Wales is Australia’s second largest solar state, the first one is Queensland. According to the report by CSIRO the highest number of rooftop PV systems installed in 2020 were in NSW, at 108,922.

What is the rebate amount for solar panels in NSW?

When you choose renewable energy like solar, wind and hydro the Australian government offers rebates in the form of STCs (small scale technology certificates). The rebate amount varies with the system size and location of the property. However, the STCs received in NSW are between $70-$90. Speak to one of the SolarBridge experts to learn more about the solar system cost for your property and get an obligation free quote for the same.

What about solar batteries in NSW?

Solar batteries are a great way to further reduce your power bills. Thousands of households and commercials are already using solar batteries. Unfortunately the batteries do not come cheap and also require maintenance. The battery needs to be changed once in 5-10 years and it costs around $10000 to $15000 to install a solar battery. Feeding back the excess power to the grid seems like the most economical option. The current feed in tariff rates in sydney are 6-10 cents. However, there are chances that you can negotiate the cents amount with your energy retailer and try to get the best possible price. 

How do I select the right solar retailer in NSW?

Shopping around for solar can be tougher than it seems with so many companies in the market offering different kinds of products and prices. However, a bit of research from your end can save you money and help you choose the right solar retailer. Check the online reviews of the company and research about the products you are looking at installing on your roof. SolarBridge is a solar specialist and can connect your home to solar power with experience and perform and offer quality solar installation. Speak to our team to learn more.