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‘Solar Panel’ Search increases – electricity prices soaring – Better feed in tariffs

June 27, 2022

In Australia, 3 million households now have the advantage of generating their own electricity through Solar PV systems installed on the roof. 2020, saw the highest number of rooftop solar installations in the industry’s history with 378,451. The electricity prices are set to be exorbitant in the coming times. We might have to pay top dollar for fulfilling our everyday electricity needs. 

What is the reason for this sudden crisis? 

Rising coal and gas costs, a winter spell that affected much of Australia, and the increasing inefficiency of several big coal-fired power plants have all contributed to the crisis escalation and put strain on electricity supply. Moreover, Australia has always been among the top countries across the globe to pay a pretty penny for using electrical energy. No doubt, in recent times the situation has worsened and we are dealing with the worst energy crisis in 50 years. And it is not believed to settle soon.

BILL-SHOCK leading Australians to rush for Solar to claim maximum rebates

Demand and Google search for ‘solar panels’ and ‘solar batteries’ is at an all-time high, as the electricity costs are expected to soar by 20% or more. There are more than one reasons why Australians shift to solar energy:

  • Solar energy produces no greenhouse gasses and is clean.
  • Less reliance on fossil fuels
  • Financial incentives offered by the government for installing solar
  • Aids the economy by generating employment for solar panel manufacturers, solar installers, marketing people etc.
  • Solar energy can be utilized for commercials, residential, and even cars.

Government Supporting renewable energy

The federal and state government rebates make it financially feasible to install solar PV systems in Australia. High electricity costs can bring the challenge of managing budgets for individuals and small company owners. And in order to save money and energy households and commercials are looking out for solar quotes. However, what is concerning the individuals is securing the maximum solar rebates to lower down the immediate cost of installing solar. Solar rebates in the form of STCs (Small scale technology certificates) are available across the nation, the value of the STCs depends on the location of your property, the annual income of the property owner, the specifications of your property and the state you reside in. 

Still confused?

It may seem like there’s a lot involved in buying a solar system. Understanding what you need and how it will all work together can feel like a challenge. Selecting the right solar company plays an important role in claiming rebates and reducing the cost of installing solar initially. We at Solar Bridge, are here to help more Aussie homeowners take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. Get in touch with our team today to secure your solar rebates and get the maximum out of your solar panels and solar batteries options.