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Longi panels Review 2022 – Longi Panel Series, warranties and cost.

June 03, 2022

Solar power is the earth’s most abundant energy source and the countries across the globe are using it to generate clean energy. And why not? Sun doesn’t charge anyone, it’s Free! And if we look at it scientifically, we know sun energy is going to last as long as life is present on earth.  Most of us rely on fossil fuels heavily like using coal for generating electricity. Installing solar panels is one of the best ways to generate your own electricity and save money. However, with so many solar products available in the market, it becomes difficult for us to decide what panels to install on the roof so that the investment proves to be worthwhile. And with years of experience we understand Australians love reading about the products they are going to purchase. So, we try to shed light on the most commonly used solar products. In this article we shall talk about Longi Panels.

History of Longi Panels

LONGi Solar is a world-leading solar module manufacturer specialising in Monocrystalline solar cells. This Chinese company, which was founded only two decades ago, in 2000, has hit the news across the international solar market due to its very rapid expansion. The company supplied approximately 14 GW of solar panels worldwide in 2019, with a predicted 18 GW production capacity in 2020, demonstrating their position as a global leader.

Longi Solar is currently a member of the ‘Silicon Module Super League,’ and was the only solar module supplier to receive a AAA grade from the PV Module Tech Bankability ratings in 2020’s third period. Furthermore, in 2020, Aussies picked LONGi as a reliable solar panel brand, positioning it with LG and SunPower, the only two panels to receive this honour.

Longi panel Series

Once products such as solar modules hit the market, the need for continued research into the efficacy of those products continues. R&D is critical for businesses because it delivers valuable knowledge and insights, as well as enhancements to existing processes that increase efficiency while lowering costs. It also enables companies to create new products and services in order to survive and grow in competitive markets. Longi continuously invests into R&D and strives to improve the efficiency of solar panels. Let’s take a look at some Longi solar panel series. 

LONGi manufactures a wide range of high-quality, low-cost solar panels for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. The Hi-MO 4 and Hi-MO 5 are the current variants. Instead of getting into long paragraphs about their specifications we shall just get the basic highlighted pictures of product features from the Longi Solar for you.

  • HI-MO 5
  • Hi MO 4
  • Hi MO 4m

How efficient are LONGi solar panels?

Talking about efficiency, Longi panels have higher efficiency and are a leading brand of solar panels with competitive prices. Most of the soalr panels in the market offer the efficiency of 15-18% and Hi MO 4 series of Longi panels have proven to provide 20.9% efficiency. Solar panel efficiency is measured by multiplying the surface area of your solar panels by the amount of sunlight the location receives. However, there are various factors associated with the efficiency of panels like the raw materials used in the panels, the manufacturing process and so on. 

How long do LONGi panels last?

As mentioned above Longi panels have set their own efficiency records and they come with 25-30 years of power warranty and 10-12 years of product warranty. Installing solar panels is no big deal but choosing the panels that would last for the lifespan of the solar system is. Most individuals who bought Longi Panels said, it hasn’t failed them. And it was one of the best investments they could make. So, you can trust the longi panels to last and perform well till their warranty period or even more.

How much do Longi panels cost?

Longi Panels are one of the premium products in the solar industry. The cost of Longi Panels ranges between $5400-$9200 depending on the location and specifications of the property. Solar Bridge is offering premium Longi panels with high quality smart WiFi inverter at the most affordable prices for a limited period. Speak to our friendly team to learn more.