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Choose green electricity provider – switch to renewables

March 11, 2022

Why is electricity important? Electricity keeps us warm during winter, it helps us beat heat in summers, it helps us cook and stock food, it heats the water when needed, it is necessary for medical use, it powers the devices we use daily, electricity has changed the way we live and also affected the climate change. Electricity is an essential element of modern lives but we also need to consider the harm we are doing to the climate due to it. In recent days Australia has seen flood disasters causing loss of life, communities being impacted and irreversible damages happening. We need to transition rapidly towards renewable energy otherwise we are speeding towards climate disaster. 

So how can we shift towards the greener electricity side?

Taking well evaluated decisions can help climate change. We need to learn and source electricity from a retailer that is using renewable energy to generate electricity and trying to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Greenpeace generates the green electricity guide report every year. The guide released this year is based on several criteria including but not limited to pollution causing environmental harm, marketing techniques, reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and renewable energy supporting schemes of the company. Top 5 greenest energy companies according to the reports are:

  • Enova Energy
  • Diamond Energy
  • Momentum Energy
  • Energy locals
  • Aurora Energy

Switch your electricity provider and generate your own electricity

Making greener choices in terms of electricity is necessary for Australia. Australia’s per capita co2 emissions are among the highest in the world and we are all aware of the consequences of it. It might be a bit expensive to switch to a green electricity provider but it can help the environment and reduce the carbon footprints. 

If you haven’t installed solar panels yet, now is the right time to install solar and start generating your own electricity. A solar Pv system is not only helpful for reducing carbon emissions but it also saves money. The energy costs in Australia are only increasing and thus increasing our expenditure on electricity bills. Switching to solar can help generate clean energy and reduce the bad environmental impact. 

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