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Canadian & Tindo solar launches new solar modules – Latest updates

March 24, 2022

Solar technology is now widely regarded as an environmentally beneficial and renewable source of energy with a huge range of applications. Powering home appliances like fans and air conditioners, as well as charging surveillance equipment and devices, are among the most prevalent uses. Saving money on electricity has become really easy and the dependence on fossil fuels has reduced, thanks to solar energy. The main reason for this is that homeowners can use the sun to meet their energy needs.

Solar energy was not widely accepted in the early days. But over the last few decades it has become a significant source of power. Solar power’s rise has been aided by the fact that solar technology has advanced greatly over time. Solar panel systems are now less expensive than they were earlier. However, it is necessary to purchase appropriate panels and equipment, including inverters and mounting kits which can be fairly pricey. 

How has solar technology improved over time?

The average panel conversion efficiency has increased from 15% to 20% in recent years, thanks to numerous breakthroughs in solar technology. The power rating of a common size panel increased from 250W to 370W due to this significant gain in efficiency. 

Recently, an article published in PV magazine stated Chinese-Canadian solar module manufacturer Canadian Solar announced it started commercial production of its new module for rooftop PV applications – the CS6R-MS module. 

What is the latest solar technology?

Everyday new technologies are being researched and developed in the solar industry to improve the efficiency of solar panels and maximize its usage. Recently MIT scientists developed a waterless cleaning system for cleaning solar panels. Moreover, Tindo Solar, Australia’s only solar panel producer, has released the 545W Karra module, its first module intended particularly for utility-scale applications. The module, which is built in Australia, has a cell efficiency of 23.1 percent and a cell-to-module loss rate of 0.07 percent. Solar panel efficiency has skyrocketed in recent years, and panels continue to push the envelope each year. Simultaneously, the cost of going solar continues to decrease. Solar Bridge offers the latest technology solar panels for your property keeping in mind your budget constraints. Speak to one of our experts to learn more.