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Virtual Power Plant – Benefits and Challenges.

May 13, 2022

A Virtual Power Plant is a combined system of nationwide dispersed renewable energy sources like rooftop solar power and solar batteries managed by a centralized VPP network, which monitors the electricity needs to and fro from the grid, in the periods of high demands. They function together as a combined source of power and are monitored through a cloud based technology to meet the scarcity and adjust the excess energy in as and when required.

Basically, you let some other party manage the electricity generated through your solar power. 

What are the benefits and challenges of a VPP program?


1. Savings: Solar helps you slash your power bills and saves you money. One of the major reasons we Aussies switch to solar power is it helps us save money on our energy costs. As we are all aware that power prices are set to rise by almost 100% – Installing solar now can help you save money. One of the biggest benefits of being a part of a Virtual Power Plant is you can make money by selling the excess power in times of need.

2. Grid stabilizes: Cloud-based technologies are used to centrally control the system, during moments of heavy demand, the battery is discharged, and the grid is supported during the challenging times thus stabilizing the grid and energy demands. 

3. Discounts: The cost of installing solar batteries in Australia is huge. This program offers some upfront discounts on installing batteries, which can help reduce the cost of installing a solar battery. However, the cost of the solar battery is subject to change based on various factors. Speak to our team to learn more about your offers. 


1. Loss of Control: You hand over the power of using the energy generated by your solar system to a third party. So there may be moments of unhappiness when your battery is harmed and you do not have the control over it.

2. Return on Investment: how much you save through the Virtual Power Plant program depends on your energy retailer and the feed in tariffs offered. So it is difficult to determine the average payback period and your investment analysis. However, We at Solar Bridge can help you overcome this challenge by providing you with a tailored solar solution for your property along with your investment analysis.

Should I be a part of VPP?

We as individuals have the power to contribute to the environment by switching to renewable energy and generating clean energy. The VPP program can help you be a part of Australia’s green energy renewables in the future. Switching to solar can reduce your carbon footprints and make money. Solar Bridge can assist you in your solar journey and also guide you through various renewable energy programs that can save you money and add green energy to your life.