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Time to remove old panels? Upgrade your solar system

November 19, 2021

What do I do with my old solar panels? Are they still working? If not, is it time for them to be removed? Australia certainly has a huge appetite for solar. Let’s consider the average life of solar panels to be 20 years. So the panels that were installed in early 2000’s, are now set to reach the end life. So what’s next? Now is certainly the best time to change your old system and install a new one. The rebates are reducing soon and the prices are going to hike more in the near future due to the energy crisis. However, let’s see what you can do with your old solar panels in place. 

Landfilling of solar is safe

Sending old panels to landfills is one of the several options for disposal. Solar waste is mostly harmless. It is more complicated and environmentally harmful to recycle them because that produces toxic chemicals leading to greater health issues. However, solar panels are less toxic compared to other electronics such as TVs, laptops and mobile phones. We can help you remove your old panels on the roof and install a new system at the most competitive prices. Speak to one of our experienced solar consultants now to learn more about old panels removal. 

Check and Monitor the system

Check and monitor your solar system periodically and see how much it produces? If it is producing as per the capacity you can just consider upgrading the system meaning adding another small or big system to it. If the panels are working there should be no reason to remove them. But in case the system is not working you can definitely consider removing them and installing a new latest technology one. We at Solar Bridge offer the latest technology solar panels and smart inverters. Contact our team today to learn more. 

Selling off the old panels

If your old panels are not serving you anymore you can choose to bid them a good-bye by selling them on online reselling markets and other second hand markets. These people usually correct the minor damages in the panels and make it worth using. There are several online reselling markets available for the same. So selling them for some cash is a good idea too.

If you pay, you can get them recycled

There is only one solar panel recycler in Australia and that is “Reclaim PV Recycling”. If you provide them money they will collect the panels anywhere from Australia and charge $30 per panel. So if you are willing to pay you can go for this option as well.

Art Approach

There are communities online on social media that talk and execute the ideas of dealing with solar creatively. Your old solar panels can also be of some use for some science project for a 10th grade. They can be turned into furniture making them tables and other things for use. They can be used to build a dog house for your dog. And there are several other creative ideas people come up with that we cannot even think of. So, you can put up a post on social media and see who is keen on buying it or join communities that help you learn creative ideas for your old solar panels.