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Sustainable Energy Hashtags, Solar Energy Facts: Do You Know The Right Ones?

August 23, 2022

The past few years have made it clear how important it is to save and conserve the environment. Natural calamities such as bushfires, floods, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, and landslides hold a stronghold in Australia. Furthermore, natural calamities that have occurred in recent years, have caused extremely severe damage. Especially in regards to human lives lost and financial costs. We can do our part to reduce the occurrence of natural disasters by opting for “sustainable living”. There is a lot of information available on social media and on the worldwide web that helps us learn about climate change and how it impacts us. Additionally, more people are using social media than ever before exposing more individuals to a variety of content.

Living more sustainably – is it difficult?

Small actions can have a big impact, and we can all do our part to protect the environment. A perfect way to start is by installing solar panels. Solar panel installation is becoming the favourite choice of Australian homes to cut down on energy bills. By installing solar panels on the roof, you regain control and reduce your reliance on the coal generated power. Most importantly, the solar power system has the potential to save you thousands of dollars every year. Solar energy has enormous environmental advantages in addition to lowering your electricity costs. It reduces your carbon footprints, helps fight climate change and reduces air pollution. Youngsters are emphasising the importance of living an ecologically responsible lifestyle on social media. However, it can be easy for people of all ages to seek information on solar energy and sustainable living through social media.

The fact that solar energy is present all around us makes it one of the most sustainable sources of power. Solar energy is present while the sun is shining. Different geographic circumstances or resource requirements apply to other energy sources. The beautiful thing about solar power is that you can generate electricity practically anywhere in the world if you have a panel, which eliminates the need for power to be transferred across large distances.

Solar Energy Hashtags trending with facts

Hashtags make it easy for people to access content that fascinates them by efficiently categorizing content linked to a particular topic. Use hashtags on virtually any social media network. Let’s highlight some sustainable energy and solar energy hashtags that are trending with the interesting facts:

#Solarradiation: Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation per year.

#Solarenergy: Solar energy is a major contributor to the 7th sustainable development goal which is Affordable and Clean Energy.

#Solarpanels: Solar Panels are 100% renewable and 100% safe.

#Electricity: Solar electricity has been around since 1839

Invest in sustainable power

Solar energy protects you from constantly rising energy expenses, giving you more financial flexibility during an energy crisis. Solar PV panels require very little upkeep. Solar energy is a long-term investment that pays off. For improved performance and durability, think about installing only Tier 1 CEC-approved solar panels and CEC-approved inverters. Depending on environmental variables and the calibre of installation brands, solar panels can last up to 25–30 years or longer.