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Solar System and Shading

December 03, 2021

10 years ago, if you were looking for solar and had a shaded roof it wouldn’t have been possible to install solar on your roof. Shading has been the major issue for some Australians for not getting solar. Sometimes the roof is partially shaded and sometimes entirely covered with trees. Obviously, there are no arguments that solar panels produce more power when they are in direct sunlight, but they do generate some power when shaded. However, with the advancement in technology, it has become easier to get solar installed on shaded roofs as well.

Here are the reasons for not installing panels on the shady roof areas and solutions on how to place solar panels to take advantage of the light that is available:

Think of Other Locations!!

You need to know that you can install panels on a garage, as an awning, on a carport, or even on a trellis. This will probably increase the installation cost, especially if you need to purchase materials. However, these structures can be useful solar locations and can provide other benefits to you. Get your roof analysis done today with Solar Bridge and see if your roof is fit for solar installation.

Power Optimizers

Similar to micro-inverter systems, power optimizers can help negate the effect of a single panel being shaded on an entire system. These inverter options can be slightly more expensive than a standard string inverter, however, they can also result in higher electricity production (and therefore greater long-term savings).  

Power optimizers are a combination of string inverters and micro-inverters. Instead of a micro-inverter at each panel, power optimizers at each panel condition the DC electricity generated from the panels and send it to a single string inverter. If you expect that your solar PV system shall be partially shaded for a significant part of the day, consider installing a system with power optimizers or micro-inverters. Speak to our experienced solar consultants today to learn more.

Solar Analysis

Shading causes variations in solar generation, but these variations and dips in efficiency can be minimized no matter where you live through panel layout and inverter selection. Solar installers can customize installations for your property based on shading, among several other factors, to give you the best and most appropriate solar setup.

It is ideal to install the solar panels on a north-facing roof. However, when the panels point either west or east, they will not get as much direct sun during part of the day. If the panels face east, they will produce a lot of energy in the morning but very little in the late afternoon. Thus it is advised to use two sides to maximize the production. Our team can solve your queries with great accuracy and advise you on your solar system with great expertise.