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Questions to ask your solar installer before you buy?

January 13, 2022

Installing solar panels on your roof is a long term decision and thus should be made after careful research. The research begins with the brand of panels and inverter you would like to install, your current electricity bill (The consumption pattern; how much electricity you consume at night and day?) and whether you would like to pay for the system with cash in hand or finance it over a period of time. Moreover, partnering with the solar provider you can trust is key to making the transition to renewable energy easy and stress free. Nowadays, it has become a usual practice to seal the solar deal for your properties over a call. Well, it is a good idea as it saves a lot of time travelling to different offices and looking for quotes. However, we have compiled a list of important questions to ask solar companies before making your choice.

1. What warranties do you offer? What do I do if my system isn’t performing as promised or if I need service?

There are three types of warranties that may apply to your solar solution:

1) Performance: This is a guarantee of how much solar energy your system is rated to generate after a specified number of years of operation.

2) Product: The product warranty should cover repair or replacement of the physical components of your system, including the panels as well as the inverter(s) and mounting system. You should confirm the requirements to obtain product replacements for each component. Some companies may require you to provide proof of original purchase as a condition of the warranty, and you may be responsible for the costs of packing and shipping defective panels.

3) Service: You should verify the cost of labor and shipping to make repairs or replacements to system components, along with service calls to assess potential issues that are covered as part of your warranty.

Different solar providers offer different warranty with respect to brands. You can ask for quotes for different brands from your solar retailer. Solar Bridge offers 10 years warranty on solar inverter and 25 years of warranty on solar panels. Speak to our team to learn more.

2. How long will the solar panels last?

Installing solar is a significant investment for most people, and you want to be sure the panels and equipment have been performance tested over a number of years and have a proven track record for high quality. Most of the panels have guaranteed performance of 25 years and a useful life of over 40 years.

3. What do your customers say about you? 

Before finalizing the deal, look for online reviews of your solar company. Read all the reviews from 1 star to 5 star from installation to service review. This can help you learn the experience from start to finish, with inspections and approvals, panel and equipment selection, the installer, and if any performance or service issues were resolved.