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Is your roof feasible for solar installation?

April 29, 2022

The Solar PV System has a lot of advantages in Australia, while there are some obstacles to overcome. The concept of how solar installation works, for example, yet remains widely unexplored by most individuals, despite the fact that it is easier than thought. There’s never been a better opportunity to invest in solar than now, as technology advances and manufacturers produce solutions that are incredibly simple to implement. However, if you are considering installing solar at your property, there may be several questions that might cross your mind regarding solar installation and we are here to answer them all. Read on to learn more.

Can solar panels be installed on my roof?

If you haven’t yet considered installing solar panels and are looking at installing in the coming time. You might have thought if my roof is feasible for solar installation? The few common types of roof we can see in Australia are: Tin roof, Tile roof and Terracotta roof. It is really simple to install solar on tin roof, it’s a bit tough on tile roof, and you might have to keep extra tiles handy, if in case any one or two breaks, the installer shall fix it right during the installation at no cost. Lastly, a terracotta roof is really complex for solar installations, however, an experienced solar retailer like Solar Bridge can help overcome this complexity and make the solar installation process hassle free. 

There are several other roof factors to be considered before installing solar panels on the roof like is your roof strong enough to hold the weight of solar panels? Is your roof quite old? Does it need repairing? Or do you need roof replacement? Installing solar panels on a roof that is quite old or cannot withstand the weight of solar panels can be dangerous and can turn out more expensive than a smart investment. It is recommended to get the roof inspection done from a professional roofer in case you have any doubts regarding your roof before solar installation. 

Does my roof have enough space to install solar?

A typical 6.6kW solar system with 24 panels might need 45m2 of roof space. Roof space can be a concern for many and thus the latest technologies focus on high wattage panels which means less number of panels installed on the roof with maximum output. It is generally considered the north facing roof is the best for solar installation, however, north east and north west are equally efficient for solar. It is recommended to install panels on 2 sides of the roof to receive the maximum output from them throughout the day.

Can I trust my solar retailer?

When all the above questions are answered and you get the clarity on installation queries, the last question is can you trust your solar retailer? You need to do your homework, that is research, before signing the solar quote. Check the online reviews of the company like google reviews and product reviews. Experience is the best teacher. You can learn everything about the company from the customer reviews posted online. Do your research about the panel and brands as well. If you still have further questions related to the solar system, consumption patterns and components of the solar system, you can consider reading our article over the same, we have made sure we answer all your solar questions there. Feel free to connect to our friendly team at Solar Bridge who is more than happy to answer all your solar queries and help you make the right decision.