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Growatt Inverter Review – Prices, Models, Warranty and all you need to know

April 14, 2022

Growatt is also known as Growatt New Energy Technology, is a Chinese solar inverter manufacturing company known for selling its products across the globe to countries like Australia, UK, Germany and US. It is one of the fastest growing, technologically advanced and well established companies. Growatt offers a wide variety of solar inverters, ranging from 1kW to 2.52MW, as well as power storage solutions for on- and off-grid applications. Growatt’s inverters have been sold in more than a hundred countries across the world.

Is Growatt a good brand?

The short answer is yes, we would recommend Growatt and accept that it is an amazing brand without giving a second thought. Growatt managed to increase efficiency by over 400 engineers striving towards excellence. Growatt managed to increase the efficiency rate of the inverters to 99 percent thanks to the efforts of over 400 engineers. They also assure high class quality by having a strong QC (Quality Control) system. What can’t be missed is that their products are quite reasonably priced. So, anyone who wishes to make a positive contribution to the community by reducing emissions and saving money on the run has a high-quality, low-cost choice.

Growatt models available in the market

  • MIC 750 – 3300 TL – X

It is a single MPPT, single phase inverter, available from 0.75 – 3.3kW size. It has easy to operate monitoring options, touch display, simple to install and comes with a warranty of 5-10 years. The price of this product ranges between $310 to $410

  • MIN 2500 – 6000 TL – X/XE/XH

This is a dual MPPT, single phase inverter, available from 2.5-6kW size. This is a highly efficient and widely accepted inverter in an Australian market. Residential inverter efficiency standards are generally 95-98%. This model offers efficiency of up to 98.4%. It comes with a warranty of 5-10 years. The price of this product ranges between $550 to $600.

  • MOD10-15KTL3-X

This is a dual MPPT, three phase inverter, available from 3-15kW size. It is a compact and lightweight inverter. It is easy to install and is a perfect inverter for residential and commercial purposes as it offers efficiency of up to 98.2%. It comes with a warranty of 5-10 years. The price of this product ranges between $600 to $900.

Any limitations of Growatt inverter?

Growatt inverters can be used only where there are no shading issues, as they do not come with panel optimizers. In the early days of entry in the Australian market, Growatt faced several issues with the product, however, over the time it has improved and the reliability of their brand has increased. They do face discrimination because of their place of origin that is China. However, what the individuals overlook is that the company has 11 years of experience in the solar industry and they invest a good amount of money in R&D. Most of the solar products, panels and inverters used today are manufactured in China. All the Growatt inverters are CEC approved and comply with Australian standards.

What about after sales service for Growatt?

There are several types of warranties available on the purchase of solar PV systems. The workmanship warranty from the retailer of your purchased solar system can be 5-10 years. Growatt offers a 5 years warranty which can be extended up to 10 years. And the panels come with 25 years of warranty. In case, anything goes wrong with the system, you need to call the retailer to get it fixed. However, considering the company as a whole, Growatt has amazing after sales support, it typically ships faulty inverters with new replaced ones within 24 hours of time. They also have an amazing technical support team who is more than happy to help to solve any issues that may arise. 

Is Growatt better than Fronius? 

If you examine the details attentively, you will notice that Sungrow and Growatt are approximately 0.6 percent more efficient than Fronius. As a result, both of these inverters are among the industry’s most efficient inverters. SolarEdge takes the top rank, with inverter efficiency of 99%. Every property is different and thus calls for different products based on the analysis. Our team at Solar Bridge can help you analyze the property needs and provide the products based on the specifications. 


To summarize, Growatt, despite being affordable and having some downsides, can still be the finest solar inverter provided you select the proper model for your solar system. We tried to put out all of the important details in our Growatt inverter review, from the capacity, features, and drawbacks to all of the main transformations and warranties.