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Can solar panels be damaged by hail?

February 04, 2022

Australia is a land to wild weather, extreme climatic conditions and natural calamities. Every now and then we get some news that the roofs are blown or the area is flooded and a lot more. If you have solar on your roof and are planning to install a solar power system at your property, this thing might definitely cross your mind. What if my solar panels are damaged by hail? Windows and solar panels are the two most important things we are worried about after the storm. Hail and extreme weather are not usually covered under solar panel’s warranty conditions. However, solar panels are designed to suit Australia’s extreme climatic conditions to a certain extent. But as it is said a violent storm passes by fast but causes huge damages. Let’s see what you can do if hail damages your panels.

1. Get insurance that covers solar panels hail damage

The performance and output warranties are available on the solar panels and solar inverters which usually saves a lot of money being spent on the maintenance of the panels. However, hail damage is not covered in the warranty of the solar modules, thus it is advised to get a property insurance that covers solar panels hail damage. It can turn out to be costly to replace one damaged solar panel or entire system if the insurance is not covered for the weather conditions like this.

2. Inspect the solar inverter

After the storm we usually inspect the property for any possible damages. Solar inverters are one of the smartest and most important components of the solar PV system. If there is a problem, it shall display the error code or fault on the screen. If the panels are damaged by hail, the inverter shall display some kind of fault. And once you come across the error code, contact your solar installer to see if it can be sorted with the instructions and guidance provided by them.

3. Check the panels for hail damage

Once the weather conditions have improved, it is advised to inspect the conditions of the solar panels. Do not do it by climbing the roof and risking your life over it. Just take a walk around the parameters of the house and see if you can figure out any damage or issues with the panels. You can also call your solar company and they would be ready to inspect your solar panels for some bucks. 

4. Contact your insurance company

If you have figured out somehow that the panels are damaged and the panel damage is included in the insurance, the next step would be to contact your insurance company. Let them come and inspect the property and report the damages. If the damage has been officially reported and authenticated, the insurer might ask you to contact the electrician and get quotes for your damaged solar panels. However, different companies have different policies. Some insurance companies might have contacts with the solar providers and might arrange the quote and everything else for you. Check and read your policy documents for further clearance.

5. Repairs and the warranties

After the storm comes the calm. Once the quotes are finalized, the panels can be installed again. Make sure the panels are installed properly and in the right direction. Check all the warranty related documents of the new panels. Warranty documents ensure the maintenance and other services related to your panels. 

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